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I first saw at Sundance 2016, where it was featured in the Spotlight festival bill.I was delighted to have an opportunity to speak with writer-director Yorgos Lanthimos and actress and longtime collaborator, Ariane Labed (The Maid), at the press offices of the San Francisco International Film Festival when they were in town for festival screenings earlier this month. Reilly (Lisping Man), Ben Whishaw (Limping Man), and Colin Farrell (David), “The Lobster,” directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.” Ariane: If it were The Maid, you would have recognized my voice from the beginning — because of my accent.

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The story twists and turns along ingenious and quite unexpected pathways.

The clever writing from director Lanthimos and his writing partner Efthymis Filippou is matched by exquisite, understated performances throughout.

Every time we finish a film, we start writing something new.

We have discussions about what we’re interested in, and then we just start writing.

The story takes place in a rule-bound universe parallel to our own, where adult citizens are given forty-five days to find true love and to consummate their unions in marriage, lest they face the harsh fate of being turned into the animal of their choice, to be released into the wild to fend for themselves.

When we meet David, played by Colin Farrell, he has just been dumped by his wife, and sent to the Hotel (a quasi-prison), to search for a new mate.Sophia: One of the things that I love about this film, , is that it is delightfully unpredictable.For example, when the Loner Leader takes Short Sighted Woman to an eye surgeon, we immediately think that she is going to sabotage the relationship by repairing her vision, but the narrative jumps to a whole other level. ] I was curious, do you make a conscious effort to avoid obvious choices when you are writing? Whenever there is something that feels like it has been done and is just too familiar, we’re just not interested in doing that again. Although some stories might be similar to other stories, or the characters might be similar to other characters, you need to feel confident that there is a reason why you are telling this story, that it is going to be quite unique and particular because it’s doing it and not someone else.— has been heralded as ‘phenomenal’ by critics, despite being booed by the audience., the feature film masterpiece from director Yorgos Lanthimos, leads you through a profound and visceral exploration of love — light and dark, providing a perfect counter-point to the idealization of romantic partnership in marriage, as embodied by the Bachelor Nation hysteria and the internet dating craze.Photo courtesy of A24 and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Yorgos: He used to be a copywriter in an advertising agency, and I used to direct commercials in Greece.

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