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Pricing will be based on the size and type of institution.Free trials of the Oxford Handbook Collection will be available from April 2009 onwards. The initial package of Oxford Handbooks will be available online from April 2009, which is when the three month free trials begin.All printers used by Oxford Journals are certified by the relevant bodies. The PEFC provides an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests.

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Librarians will be able to download COUNTERcompliant usage statistics, which will help with their purchasing and renewal decisions. series, are now immensely popular with trainee and junior doctors the world over.

We are told that OHCM is notorious in some places as the book most likely to be “borrowed without permission” from the doctor’s ready room!

When the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (also called “OHCM” and the “Cheese and Onion”, because of its distinctive cover colours) was first published way back in 1985, medicine was taught in a very traditional way; the Handbook was a radical departure from standard textbooks, being based on tried-and-tested lecture and pocket notes. 7 Nationwide agreements boost dissemination of the Archive 7 New downloadable posters available for your library 8 See Oxford Journals at ...

To begin with, some medical schools resisted it, feeling that it made becoming a competent and successful medic too easy for students. CONTACT US If you have any news that we could cover in this newsletter or suggestions for items that we could include, please contact: [email protected] Tel: 01865 354206 2 some readers will continue to rely on their print copies, we anticipate that others will prefer the online versions.

Fortunately, doctors and students know that they need their own, and to date it has sold over a million copies.

The next Handbook to be published was the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties, aimed at recently qualified doctors in the early years of their career.Across the Handbooks series, we sell around 200,000 copies every year.They’re clear market leaders in the UK, and increasingly, worldwide.The medical profession, as a whole, is highly IT literate, and making the books available online via libraries suddenly makes the books accessible in a large number of library, ward, office, and home settings where previously access may have been limited.The first 13 online Oxford Handbooks will be sold as a package on subscription.Oct 19, 2015 - The Oxford Handbook of The Five Factor Model (Forthcoming). When there is a lack of words or when words fall short, new words or more prosaic ...... The confluence of several forces is dramatically increasing the average age ...leaders” in a social network and then relayed to less interested members of the group—helped to explain why .....

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