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Of those who underwent of the treatment, 23 are still alive and 19 are now in remission Jensen, wife Amanda and their young son Kezman have been travelling the country ever since he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012, just one year after their marriage, searching for an effective treatment for his cancer.

The Jensens didn't find success though until they met Dr Carl June at Penn Medicine.

Cancer free: Marshall Jensen's (right) leukemia is in remission after receiving a breakthrough cancer treatment that involved the HIV virus.

Pictured above with wife Amanda (left) and their son Kezman (center)The 30-year-old Utah man was one of 30 patients in an experimental trial, who received doses of the deactivated HIV virus, which act as cancer killing fighters in the body.

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A man who was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer two years ago is now amazingly in remission thanks to a revolutionary treatment that involved receiving an infusion of the virus that causes AIDS.

Marshall Jensen of Utah, was one of 30 leukemia patients to undergo a trial treatment at Penn Medicine recently, in which white blood cells are implanted with a harmless form of HIV programmed to target and kill cancer.

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