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So I thought I would put the basics and a few pics together for the newbs.

Others who have pics of other models etc, please add info as you see fit. Earler tin primary covers are slightly different, and earlier/later models had different oil tanks.

THE TRANSMISSION OIL This is separate from the engine oil. DO NOT take any drain plug out of the bottom of the sump of the engine, at the front, under the crankcase. Repairing that thread properly can require splitting the crankcases and you don’t want to go there. When all oil has drained out of the oil tank, put the oil tank drain plug back, with a new copper washer on it to seal it. I like the drop in filters from JP Cycles (JP part no 7400225) with the pleated automotive style element and spring loaded bypass valve. I had to cut my dipstick down to fit it, right on the low mark, so that is ok.

(There is a small crossover vent valve between the primary case and crankcase on earlier models but oil flow through there is normally negligible.) The transmission oil lubricates the primary chain, clutch and the gearbox. I also put a smear of hard-setting gasket goo like Permatex on the threads, not so seal them but to stop the plug vibrating loose. Buy a bag of them at the local hardware or auto store cheap. Drop in oil filter for pre-79 XLH sidemounted oil tank: Cut down dip stick for JP oil filter. HOW TO CHANGE YOUR TRANSMISSION OIL Tranny oil is often overlooked and seems to cause more headaches then engine oil. The manual says you can leave it longer, but I don’t like the idea of wear particles from the primary chain tensioner and clutch plates circulating through the delicate needle roller bearings in the gearbox. Ride the bike to get transmission oil up to working temperature.

Ryder Rick has a list of other brand sport transmission oils that are made specifically for Sportsters, so he may post them if he happens along. AND GET A PARTS BOOK TOO, THEY ARE ALSO INVALUABLE.

Again this topic has been and can be debated endlessly in other threads. Ironheads run on about 6psi of oil pressure, on a good day.

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One thing not to use in your transmission is modern car engine oil. Due to the roller bearing bottom end, they have a high-volume, low-pressure lubrication system. There is just no pressure there once the engine is warm.

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