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If you've attended any of my free High Impact Excel webinars then you've probably heard me say that Excel is fraught with nuances.

Sometimes the most mundane tasks, such as copying and pasting a series of dates from one workbook to another, can send you down a mysterious rabbit hole where things turn both curious and frustrating.

Additional rules can be added for example if certain tasks are designated critical by typing CT in the C column then colour the bars pink.

To help do this quickly select Home, Find & Select, Conditional Formatting.

Conditional formats can be copied using the Format Painter.

An alternative to creating an Excel timeline or using a timeline creator is to download pre-designed timeline templates and manually edit them in Power Point.

The benefit of using a timeline template rather than creating one in Excel is that they are well designed.

If you do make changes like adding calculated columns, such as the Month Year calculated column shown below: You can then click the Save Configuration button to save the current state of the table as your default.

This means that the next time you create a new Date table in the same workbook, the table will include any customisations.

However, they do require manual editing in Power Point, rather than automatically updating templates with a timeline creator.

You can browse a free timeline template collection here.

The table contains a continuous range of dates starting from the beginning of the year of the earliest date found in any column in any table in your Data Model, up to the end of the year containing the latest date found in any column in any table in your Data Model.

Obviously, this means that your table could contain a very large date range if, for example, you have a Customer table containing a Date Of Birth column.

Recap: A Gantt chart is made up of task bars, one for each of the tasks required to complete the project in hand.

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