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Finn unearths a treasure with a terrible price at the top of Dead Mountain.

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However, when he runs through and follows his heart, he makes it out back to Jake.

The episode “Bad Jubies” describes the way vibes around you can affect your personality and other’s feelings.

Most lack an interesting plot, diverse character development and are just regurgitating tired story ideas.

However, “Adventure Time” is setting a new bar for cartoons today, and can even compete with my old favorites from the '90s.

I remember one episode in which Finn literally meets “Glob,” and another in which he talks to the essence of the universe after he defeats Orgalorg in space.

“Adventure Time” uses many metaphors and comparisons for real life trials and tribulations.

These sorts of ideas are very abstract for children’s minds, but adults can enjoy them.

One of the last episodes that aired recently in season seven, “The Hall of Egress,” is extremely trippy.

In “Marceline’s Closet," Finn sees Marceline naked because he is hiding in her house without her knowing!

Ice King acts like a rapist and captures princesses all the time.

The animated show receives positive response from various audiences and even received multi-awards that includes three Annie Awards, six Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Sundance Film Festival Award.

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